We are pleased to have been able to assemble an engaging group of speakers with a diverse range of topics.

11.30 – 12.30

Colin Newman (CCCBR Schools & Youth Groups Workgroup leader) shares huge amounts experience in his talk about Engaging With Young Ringers.

Colin brings to the Ringing Roadshow Talks huge amounts of experience dealing with young ringers. Now living in Bristol, he involves himself with several of the city bands, he leads the CCCBR Schools & Youth Groups workgroup finding and documenting ways to encourage and inspire potential young recruits. Until recently he served as the coach of the ODG Young Ringers team which won the 2019 and 2021 Ringing World National Youth Contests. Come and hear this inspiring story.

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Marcus Booth and Becca Meyer (Benefact Group) bring their combined experience to talk about ringing risk assessments and insurance matters.

Marcus has presented sessions in the past at both Central Council and ART events. These have always been very informative and well received with those present. On this occasion he will be joined by Becca to lead everyone through what can be the minefield of preparing risk assessments. Of course, this will be from a professional view but tempered by both Becca and Marcus being experienced ringers.

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13.00 – 14.00

Arthur Reeves (St Martins Guild & Birmingham School of Bell Ringing) asks ‘How We Can Be The Best Teacher For Our Students?’ & he will know.

In his presentation Arthur will draw upon recent educational research and his experience as a secondary school teacher. He will consider what we in the ringing community might reflect upon in order to become the most effective teachers possible. Points that will be covered include; What actually is teaching? (and why can’t people just do what we tell them to!). How our mind learns. The difference between hearing and listening, telling and understanding. What are the key features of effective feedback? How can we tell someone has learnt something?

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Gareth Davies asks ‘who wants to be a millionaire’? Ringing in the 17th and 18th century.

Gareth is just about to complete a PhD on the history of bellringing in Cambridge in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries! His talk will cover the more interesting bits of what he has found out. How was ringing 150 years ago different from today? When did ringing take place? How early did you have to get up? How much did it cost to be a ringer? How much beer were you expected to drink? How was wedding ringing organised? What were practices like? And, most importantly, how much money could you earn? Come along and get a brief glimpse of what it was like to be a ringer in Georgian and Victorian times. Decide for yourself whether you would like to be able to travel back in time.

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14.15 – 15.15

Lesley has been the Chair of ART since March 2019. Here she will talk about retention, managing expectations & how to keep enjoyment going.

Lesley will talk about ringer retention – what should our expectations be, what causes ringers to stop, and most importantly what we can do to keep them enjoying and participating in the wonderful world of ringing.

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Nigel Taylor’s talk asks ‘what is out of tune?’ Is it in? is it out? What’s it all about? and he should know, he was a Whitechapel man!

With decades of working on bells at Whitechapel’s Bell foundry, Nigel talks about the perception of what constitutes in tune or out of tune; what the human ear can accept as in tune; how we measure the frequencies of bells and ways of calculating the relationship of strike notes.

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15.30 – 16.30

Steve Farmer talks about Ringing Simulators & asks are they Friend Or Foe? Then enthusiastically explores the ups & downs of tech in towers.

Ringing Simulators can be a fantastic resource for teaching and practice, but over the past 6 years he has read, heard and spoken to a significant number of people who don’t see the relevance of their position in the tower. In this enthusiastic exploration of the world of Ringing Simulators, we will look at the evolution, the present and a glimpse into the future from both sides with the advantages and the pitfalls when you introduce technology into a tower.

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Tom Ridgman uses his vast amount of experience and expertise to talk about how to keep your bells and tower in tip top condition.

With years of experience dealing with refurbishing, restoring and implementation projects, Tom brings his expertise to the Ringing Roadshow to share his knowledge on how to keep your tower and bells in good condition.

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These talks will take place in the Teaching and Learning Building, which will be clearly signposted

As space is limited, these sessions will need to be booked in advance to secure a spot (and also guide the organisers to arranging more space if needed). Links for booking these sessions via Eventbrite will be available shortly.